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‘Ghauri’, he said with ever-so-calm voice. I dared not to look at him. ‘Ghauri, I am going to sl**p in another room’, he said. ‘If your husband doesn’t want to sl**p with you, you have failed as a wife’, echoed my mother’s voice in my head. But I didn’t look up. I stayed quiet. ‘Don’t you want to ask me why?’, he said, with little humor in his voice, clearly trying to cheer me up. I looked at him for just a few seconds and looked down again. ‘You are my wife’, he said and paused, and then he continued, ‘not a prostitute.’ I really didn’t know what he meant as my mind wasn’t working well. ‘When you don’t know what to say to your husband, keep your mouth shut’ came back my father’s voice. I obeyed him as usual. ‘If we sl**p together when we really don’t know each other, what different you would be from a prostitute? We will sl**p together someday, when both of us wants it, and that day, I’d be making love to my wife. I definitely won’t be having sex with a stranger.’ He turned off the. After Tracey stopped her fit of laughter she said Did you see him? He was so fucking stunned hahaha!, the next thing I knew she had her hand in my skirt, feeling up my pussy and clit. Oh. My. God., You fucking slut! Youre soaked! Hahahaha! she said as she bursted out into another fit of laughter Fucking Stop it Tracey! I said as she stopped she said I dare you to go over there and jerk him off till he cums in your hand! No! I yelled Do you want me to do the chicken thing again? she said giggling a little bit You better not! I said as if i was threatening her. Then You better do it! she said Accepting her dare I stood up and fixed my skirt and hair, I prepared my sexiest walk and built up my courage. I started my walk over to the sexy stranger I was about jerk off. The walk seemed like an eternity, like every single step was length of a mouses step, or as if i was in slow motion. In reality I was actually looking forward to beating off his cock, the swing accident had turned me on so.
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