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A weary, weary sigh shuddered through him. "I owe yae an apology, m'Lady Blood Hand. I broke hospitality when I chased yae outta mae pub, ne'er givin' yae a chance t' bae showin' mae yaer true colors. A friend o' mine from Bavaria came t 'bae tellin' mae' bout yae and chastisin' mae fer jumpin' t' conclusions. Sumtin' I should know be'er than t' do, as old as I am. He claimed yae as a friend and a lass as was simply tryin' to get along as best as yae can, gi'en what yae are. I should know be'er than to assume all Bloody Hands are out lookin' fer mae blood in particular."So I find yae here, on the shores of mae isle, foolish enough to go do battle with the Evil Eye himself, holdin' a debt o' mine," he told me as he squatted down to look me in the eyes. Suddenly his glumness turned deadly serious and his accent disappeared. "My kin and I are loath to offer ourselves up to those who would catch us. Powerful magic requires us to grant them boons numbering three. Such is our nature that. But Itaste dressing... wait, is that from your saliva?" I nodded. He laughed."It's AMAZING!"Next, the soup. Again, I prepared the vegetables with my mouth. I filledthe pot with water, and quickly dumped in some spices. Then, to heat it: Irolled up my shirt and exposed my stomach. I touched the side of the pot tomy belly. I looped an arm around the pot. And I stuck my other arm, up tothe elbow, right in the liquid. I used my ability to heat my body, toquickly heat the pot. The water quickly bubbled as I stirred the soup untilI could tell that it was ready. It only took twenty seconds. I didn't tasteit, but I smelled it. Then, I dropped a mouthful of saliva into the pot,and mixed it once more with my arm. I handed the pot to Randy being carefulto make sure he held it by the handles and not the metal of the pot which Iwas holding. He put it down and carefully tasted it with a spoon. Heapproved.Next I prepared the rice dish, also using my super speed and my heatingabilities. It only took.
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