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This was particularly odd as Sara was now actually several inches taller than she was having finally sprouted. Abbey’s rather diminutive height and youthful complexion were in fact one of the main reasons she always made a point of dressing with such style and distinction. Designer suits told people that she certainly wasn't a child and expensive high heels added much needed height.Even for just Saturday family dinner Abbey had worn a finely tailored pantsuit, silk blouse and 4 inch heels. Naturally her long glamorous hair and makeup matched her fine taste in clothing and were as always, perfect. Her appearance and attire were quite a contrast to the rest of the Carter family however. They were all dressed casually in shorts and t-shirts or in the case of Sara in short denim overalls and striped socks, which to Abbey made her look like a combination of Huckleberry Finn and Pippy Longstocking.Sara had always found Abbey to be more than a little spoiled and far too self involved. She. Brad seemed like a nice person, and after the prior introductions, when LP and I had stopped to talk, he hung out with Darcy. I thanked him for watching after her, and since I was the only non-student, I picked up the bill for lunch. I bought some ointment for my face and got a kiss from Darcy to help the healing along.We went up on the lift to the lower level and redid my first run of the day. Darcy fell once and Brad fell twice. I had told Darcy to try to relax and just ski."You'll fall less and have more fun if you learn to ski, turn and stop instead of just doing the slow plow down the mountain. I fell on a big slope going too fast and got a scratch on my face. You aren't going to get hurt, so just try to have fun."Brad, on the other hand, was afraid to fall and that made him too tense. LP kept telling him the same things I was telling Darcy. Darcy was listening, but Brad wasn't. When Brad fell again, I stopped to help him get up and said only loud enough for him to hear, "Brad,.
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