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Where for just an hour or two of her time, she could forget the stresses of everyday life and be in her own world. She sits on the couch waiting to hear the noise of a car door shutting and his footsteps up the walkway. When she hears him coming she jumps up off the couch, her heart starting to beat faster, and hurriedly opens the door to sneak him inside. As she looks at him she can’t help but smile, for just this moment in time they were each others and no one else’s. She leans up and gives him a kiss on the cheek as he smiles back and both breathe in the scent of anticipation of what’s to come. He grabs her hand in his and they walk up the stairs to the bedroom. As they enter, he turns her around and kisses her, looking at her face and his mind getting high off pure adrenaline. They make their way to the side of the bed, holding onto each other and kissing, while he takes her shirt and bra off as she sits on the bed. Reaching over, she takes his shirt off and pulls him on top of. . it looked like a dart.... and he collapsed almostimmediately. When he next awoke, he was naked in a locked room.Shortly a couple thugs walked into the room, one of them handing him apink robe. As soon as Kyle slipped it on, they took him to meet 'TheBoss', escorting him out of a basement, and into a large mansion. Assoon as he walked into a private office an older gentleman motioned forKyle to sit down across a desk from him, the two thugs standing toeither side. Kyle started to ask what was wrong, when he was shushed.The Gentleman started to talk. He started by explaining that it wasknown what kind of man Kyle is, and what he had done to dozens of youngladies, and what he had certainly planned to do to Sharon. Kyle triedto claim denial, but it fell on deaf ears.Kyle was then informed of what he needed to do in order to make amends.In a nutshell since he liked to force young women into prostitution,that he was going to have to live that same experience.... so he had acouple.
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