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If you'll give me a moment?"Tom shrugged, non-committally and John went on deck."Amy? Mrs. Conway? And Lucy and Andrew, of course," he called across the deck.The three went across to him and descended the companionway."Tom," said John, "you know Mrs. Conway. This is Lucy and Andrew, her children."He looked at them, his expression closed, defensive."Tom," began Amy, "I enjoyed talking to you the other day. I was wondering ... we ... Lucy, Andrew and I, well, would you like to live with us?"He looked confused then, looking around at the others. His expression changed again as he looked at John Shepherd – anger? Disappointment?"Did you organise this?" Me?" John was genuinely surprised. "No, Amy ... Mrs. Conway ... came to me – rang me, that is."A small hand crept into Tom's, and he looked down into Lucy's large, expressive eyes. No one can do 'longing appeal' better than small girls, and Lucy, it has to be said, was expert."Won't you come?" It was a very little voice. "We'd love you to. Amanda, would you mind if we skipped out on you? I want to take my family home. Mike, you are close to finding what you need and I'm sure you'll figure it out. Would you both come over for coffee in the morning? For tonight, I just want to get June to where I can hold her. Thank you all for what you have done."After they left Amanda said, "I didn't have any idea that June had set me up. I suppose I would have done the same thing to one of my friends if I was in the same position. I don't blame her and I have always wondered how those bastards thought they could get away with what they planned. I know you have gone through hell in the last year, Mike. We still have each other and it hasn't been as bad as what June, Brian and Linda have had to deal with. I love you Mike and I want to be part of everything you have planned for the Nolands." This year has been something, hasn't it? I still have to find the rest of the password. I may have to go into Tim and Bob's PCs on their home.
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