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I think you know that you have fallen down a bit in your first exercise in the obedience department. Due to your failure, you're bearing the consequences." She looks up again at my bare scalp and runs a finger across it. "Still, I'm pleased with the consequences! OK, open your mouth." Are you a dentist, then?" I'm becoming more worried now."No. I'm a nurse, but my field is head and neck surgery, so I'm good with mouths and noses and things." Just what are you going to do?" Ha! So curious, Fifty. Well that would be telling. All you need to know is that I am here and you are there and that you were going to open your mouth? And without talking."I suppose I can say stop right now. Perhaps I should, but I don't. Celia's professional manner, my own desire to experience as much of Inward Bound as I can and the way in which I have already become used to doing as I am asked overcomes my reticence. I open my mouth. She examines me with a dental mirror. She is very gentle as she pulls my mouth. I know what prison inmates think of a convicted sex offender. I started asking myself questions. What would Jordan do if I refused? What did Trish want me to do? If I agreed, would we be able to keep things secret? I was mulling these things and some others over in my mind when I became aware that Trish had been talking to me."Oh I'm sorry; I was trying to get my head around what Jordan has asked." I told Trish."I know, I had a hard time getting my head around it too. I'm going to leave you to think things through. Can you come over and have supper with Jordan and me tomorrow so we can continue this discussion? I have Jordan's solemn promise to not get upset."I agreed and after Trish left, I went into the den and tried to get my head around everything with no success. Finally I gave up and went to bed.After tossing and turning all night, I woke up the next morning, no closer to figuring out what I should do or say. I figured trying to do my regular work was a waste of time since I'd.


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