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Immediately he felt uncomfortable. He rocked his weight back and forth uneasily. “Close your eyes,” the first girl commanded. Jack obeyed cautiously. He felt the second girl grasp his wrists and the kiss of cold metal against his skin. He tried to pull back but found he could not withdraw. He heard the clatter of metal on metal as he opened his eyes to find he was handcuffed to the rail in front of him. The kneeling girl grinned and giggled. Jack thrashed madly trying to pull free, kicking back and swearing, but he was unable to escape or alter his vulnerable position. The girls both watched with amused interest until he was exhausted and lay slumped forward breathing heavily. When he was quite still they both positioned themselves behind him and he strained to look back at them over his shoulder. They knelt down and he felt their slim hands creep around his waist and work at the buckle of his trousers pulling it loose. Next his fly was opened and his trousers and boxer shorts. ”“Yes,” Gene said just loud enough to hear above the drone of the chopper, “Yes, I love you...”Holly’s expression didn’t change, no sign that his honestly had registered. “Good to know.”“Good to know? What the hell, Holly? Are you fucking with me now?”She shook her head, then replied, “The complicated part wasn’t the answer, Gene. The complicated part is what we do now that it’s in the open. We’re going to find your wife soon. What then? You love me, yet, how’s that going to work when Tamara finds out?”“I ... I don’t know, exactly. It doesn’t change the truth.”“I know that. I just don’t want to run into a buzzsaw when your wife decides I’m the other woman in this triad. I’ve known you were in love with me for weeks.”“Bullshit.”She shrugged, “Believe what you will. I’ve had a lot of guys fall in love with me, Gene. All of them, before you, were rather easy to dissuade. You ... I didn’t dissuade you, and now I’m worried that I should have...”“Bullshit,” Gene repeated, “this isn’t just.
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