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‘Do you still love him?’ Twisting the hair around her finger, cheek pressed into the dirt. ‘I’ll always love him. But we won’t be together.’ ‘Why not?’ Pausing in her contemplation, she blinks back another tear. ‘Because I love someone else too. I love someone else now.’ ‘He could come back.’ ‘I’m not sure it will matter. It might’ She sits up, bending her legs at the knees and leaning forward onto them, still holding the lock of hair in her fingers. She looks up at the moon, concentrating on the brightness of its glow. ‘What if he comes back?’ Looking back at the earth. A shrug. Nonchalance that she doesn’t feel. Then a long sigh. ‘I already chose. I’m here. I’m happy.’ A pause. ‘I am, I’m happy.’ ‘If you’re happy, why are you out here? Why are you running?’ Another tear begins its journey down her cheek as she resumes playing with her hair. ‘Because it still hurts. To know that I was wrong. To feel like maybe I wasted…. something. To wonder if I’m wrong now. To. Just in case there’s a problem.”“Thank you.”They walked back to the car and ute. The work party had disappeared. Margaret’s car started and she turned it around. Richard got into his ute and followed her into town, left past the Hotel and several streets to the north. Margaret pulled into a drive and Richard stopped on the street.“Thank you. It seems to run. I’ll take it in to the garage before work tomorrow.”“Where’s the library?”“Just a bit down the Highway from where we turned. On the south side.”“Well. Uh. Take care.”“Thank you, Richard. I’ve enjoyed talking to you.”He drove off, thinking of where he might bathe and shave and get his clothes laundered. He now saw himself both unkempt and ill-dressed. After the first week, Richard had been “camping”: sleeping on the flooring in his swag, washing in the nearer creek.“More like a churl in rusty armour!” he said to himself.He stopped at the Richards and booked for one night. He went to the room, showered and shaved, walked to the.
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