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" So, they closed up the library at 5:30. That gave me an hour and a half to get to school." OK." So I went to the Burger King on Fifth St. Since I had lots of time I ordered a coke and sat outside for a while, then I went in and bought something to eat." Yeah?" Come on, Jill — I'm getting impatient over here."So I got a chicken sandwich and onion rings." Jill, what happened?" These two guys tried to pick me up." Did they hurt you?" No. But they wouldn't leave me alone. I had to go inside. I was going to tell the manager to call the police but they disappeared." Did you know them?" Of course I knew them. They go to my school. They're druggies." But you're OK now. Right?" Well, there's more." Tell me." Please!"They must have waited around for me. About a block away from Burger King they showed up." Did they hurt you?" No. I ran." So, what happened?" I waited for you to come get me." No, Jill. You ran away from them before 7:00. It's after 9:00. What happened?" Well, I ran inside the. . and his property!" What if I am Lord Darnell's wife? Lord Darnell is not home for he is out if the far cornfields bringing the yearlings home. He will be away... at least three or four more days." I... I do not know, my Lady. It would be dangerous..." Which would add spice to the coupling, would it not? And I know tricks that the village girls have no knowledge of..." I... I will think on it, my Lady. But now I must go." Indeed, Matty, indeed. Until later, then..."Lady Darnell smiled at Matty's broad back as he now followed the rest of his family back down the hill into the village. Perhaps she would not have been smiling quite so widely if she had known that the coachman was not as far away as she had thought and that the man had overheard almost every word of the conversation...After returning his Lady and her two maids back to the Manor House, the coachman acted quickly for he knew well where his duty lay and he had long decided that his master must learn of what was planned long.
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